Total Agreement in French

Total Agreement in French: A Guide for Copywriters

In French, it is important to ensure that all your adjectives, nouns and verbs are in agreement with one another. This is known as “total agreement” or “concordance” in French. Without proper agreement, your text may sound awkward and difficult to read, and it may also be penalized by search engines for poor grammar. In this article, we will provide you with a guide to ensure total agreement in your French copy.

Noun and Adjective Agreement

In French, adjectives must agree with the nouns they modify in gender and number. For example, in the phrase “la voiture rouge” (the red car), the adjective “rouge” (red) is feminine and singular to match the feminine and singular noun “voiture” (car). If the noun was masculine and plural, such as “les voitures” (the cars), the adjective would have to be masculine and plural as well, resulting in “les voitures rouges” (the red cars).

Verbal Agreement

In French, verbs must also agree with the subject in gender and number. For example, the sentence “Elle parle français” (She speaks French) uses the feminine singular form of the verb “parler” (to speak) to match the feminine singular subject “elle” (she). In contrast, the sentence “Ils parlent français” (They speak French) uses the masculine plural form of the verb to match the masculine plural subject “ils” (they).


There are some exceptions to the rules of total agreement in French, particularly with compound nouns and adjectives. For example, some compound nouns use the masculine form even when they refer to a feminine subject, such as “un chef-d’œuvre” (a masterpiece), which is masculine even when referring to a feminine painting. Additionally, some compound adjectives follow the gender and number of just the final element. For example, “bleu foncé” (dark blue) is masculine singular, even if it refers to a feminine noun.


Total agreement is essential in French copywriting to ensure a professional and polished text. By following the rules of noun and adjective agreement, as well as verbal agreement, you can create French copy that is accurate, clear, and effective. Remember to pay attention to compound nouns and adjectives as well, as they may have their own rules. With these guidelines in mind, you can create high-quality French copy that will impress your target audience and boost your SEO.

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